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Product Overview

You are a formidable villain; your sinister conquests are innumerable. But there is one foe that even you cannot vanquish alone, Archerex, the lord of Dragons. A hoard of treasure beyond imagining waits to be claimed, and the scales of this dragon are more valuable than any amount of gold or gems! Will your loose alliance be able to take down Archerex, or will this great dragon’s rage consume you all?

  • 3-5 Players, 60 minutes, Age 14+
  • A game of Villainy and Treasure-grabbing. Fight, steal, run, and maybe betray! Only one villain can emerge the victor!
  • Play as a sinister villain with your unique variable power villainy deck, each with their own exclusive flavor and feel
  • Each round, roll custom designed dice to determine your actions, then place your dice on the board… possibly foiling the other villains' plans!
  • With multiple win conditions, you determine your fate! Will you ally with the other villains to slay the dragon? Or will you flee from the lair leaving the other players behind?