Mage Wars Academy Core Set

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Product Overview

Mage Wars Academy is the BRAND NEW, STAND ALONE GAME that pits you against your opponent in a Mage's duel, using a unique Spellbook mechanic that provides you access to all you strategies rather than relying on the luck of the draw.  Train in your school, craft your spellbook, and test your skills at the Academy!

The Mage Wars Academy Core Set is everything two players need to begin their duels in the world of Etheria.

  • 2 Mage Cards
  • 2 Mage Ability Cards
  • 2 Four-pocket Spellbooks
  • 2 Status Trackers
  • 131 Spell Cards
  • 62 Markers
  • 6 Attack Dice
  • 1 Twelve-sided Effect Die
  • Rules and Codex

All first print run copies will also receive two new promo cards at Gen Con, the Gorgon Spearthrower and Shock. Get your copy now while still available!